I’m excited to initiate this blog to share my passion about coffee, nice cafes and the interesting world between coffee beans and how coffee finally arrives your table.

I’m a Portuguese living in Colombia (third coffee’s world producer) after many years living in Venezuela but always a coffee lover. Even my background and formal education is far away from this mater (coffee), I’m excited to being able and have the time now to share with the community my thoughts, articles, videos and whatever looks interesting around coffee.

I’ll include content in Spanish and English in order to connect with coffee fans all over the world as possible. Comments are also welcome on both. There is no boundaries in internet, so why build it with the language?

I’m recently also start an online shop (ExoticCafe Shop) basically to offer single origin, organic coffee to coffee lovers community. Initially, and obviously, we’ll offer exclusively Colombian coffee but, in the near future, we hope to include few other great single origin coffee from other countries. More about that will be detailed later.

Hope everyone enjoy and participate on this blog. All your comments are more than welcome.

Carlos D.


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