This Woman Painted the #MonaLisa Entirely Out of #Coffee — Watch the #TimeLapse Video


The Mona Lisa is, to put it mildly, a pretty famous painting.

Recreating it would be no easy task, but… what if — and bear with us here — what if someone somehow took that task and made it more difficult? And coffee-related. Coffee’s good.

Oh, that’s what UpCycle Club member Maria A. Aristidou did? She recreated the Mona Lisa using just Greek coffee and espresso? Huh. That’s crazy. And it took her 10 hours? Far out. Watch the video below to see the method to her caffeinated madness.

Aristidou, from Cyprus, specializes in this kind of caffeinated portraiture.Check out her Instagram for more coffee art, including portraits of Alan Rickman, Jimmy Fallon and Darth Vader.

UpCycle Club is, per their web site, “both a physical place and digital community, aiming to bring together people who want to help each other and making a better world.”

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