What is the ideal color of a good #coffee? The art of #roast coffee.

Sure you wondered more than once why the different colors of the coffee that you found on your prefered local supermarket or roaster. Even possible you said sometimes that the coffee grinded darker is stronger. Don’t you? Well, here we’ll explain why the different colors after the roast process and why we prefer medium-medium.


The first thing that you should know is that a dark bean do not mean that taste better or stronger on your cup. Those characteristics are more based on how many water and preparation method used. However the coffee roast is as important as the growing method, collection, washing method, etc.

There are different levels and methods to roast coffee based on coffee bean characteristics and the kind of consumer. A carefully selected bean, origin and roast type makes a huge difference on the coffee quality do you receive.

Every roast process involves different variables. Beginning with the bean density, size, humidity and later with the amount, system, heat source used, temperature, time, etc. will be determinants to highlight ones or anothers coffee attributes. At the same time, the cooling and posterior packaging is the vital importance because the coffee continues with their internal process changes during hours even days after being roasted liberating gases that the package must allow to liberate.

The different color tones on the roasted bean depends on the way, intensity and time that heat was applied to green beans. During roast process the bean changes based on chemicals reactions that allow or not an unique flavor and taste development for each product.

In the roasting process, sugars inside any bean becomes caramel and determine the acidity level. An roasted process too high, as usually happens with the regular coffee, develop a burned taste but the usual real purpose is to hide the cup defects of the coffee.


Our recommendation is a roast medium-medium as is better to perceive the bean characteristics and origin. However this is something that should be defined on each harvest in order to maximize the smells, flavors, color, acidity, sweetness that the bean is able to provide.

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