Cup of Joe and Other Coffee Names

What do you think? What else have you heard?


Coffee is not just coffee. Well, you may have heard it referred to by several different names—cup of joe, java, wake up juice, cuppa—just to name a few. Have you ever wondered where these names come from? They must have started somewhere?! We’re here to give you a little bit of background and fun tidbits about some of these popular phrases. There have been some theories, but here is how they really came to be.

Cup of Joe

After the Boston Tea Party and the War of 1812, American’s had lost the taste for tea, and coffee became immensely popular, consumed by everyone from businessmen to soldiers, and small shop owners. Coffee even became a staple of military rations. The term ‘Joe’ can be traced back to a U.S. Naval Secretary, Josephus Daniels, who banned the consumption of alcohol among all naval officers. As a result of this ban, coffee…

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