#WholeBean or #Grind? Taste vs Practicality


With the rise of a more conscient coffee culture, in many countries it becomes an option to have a grinder in house. There is nothing like the a fresh grinded beans aroma invading our space. Surely you’re heard that this is better than the grinded that you already consumed since ever, don’t you? Well, we’ll going to explain you the differences between one and another way to present the coffee.
The first thing that you should know is that is a matter of personal choices and tastes. It’s about trust on coffee producer or even practicality. At the end, if the coffee should be grinded to prepare a cup of coffee, why should I buy it whole beans?

Grind the coffee just right before being served is more than a fashion trend, it allow to appreciate better its quality and be sure about its quality. At the same time, the bean preserve better flavor, tastes and delay the oxidation process. Last, but not least, the exquisite fragrance that expel the fresh grinded coffee.
On the other side, the grinded coffee not just is more practical (if you are one of those that don’t have the equipment or enough time) but relieve you from know the exact point of grind. Determine the right grind for your beans with a home grinder is a hard to find equilibrium point. You have to fine tune your senses. Already grinded coffee is an answer to avoid deal with all that.
The great acceptance from whole bean coffee presentation over the grinded, causes the very bad quality that the “common” coffee available on the supermarket near you. On these products is frequent the bad practice to mix “other elements” that hide defects and increase the product volume. However whole bean Specialty Coffee is a total different experience, better if delivered from a trusted source like ExoticCafe.
You must know that the coffee once grinded, accelerate their oxidation process, lost their properties, smells and flavor definition if is not used immediately. Reason why you should just grind the exact amount of coffee that you’re going to consume each time.
On both cases, you should follow these guides to better preserve your coffee:
  • Hide it from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it away from heat and humidity.
  • Keep it in a bag well sealed from outside air.

Did you already decided which one do you prefer?

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