#Coffee With a Conscience in #NewYorkCity

Screenshot 2015-12-08 at 11.59.26 AM

Actor Hugh Jackman is definitely a do-gooder, in more senses than one. His boutique coffee shop, Laughing Man, started in Tribeca on Duane Street, and is one of those places where the coffee not only tastes good (try the Flat White, made with single origin beans) but gives back to the community too. Every cup you drink here is a product of sustainably grown and traded coffee; Laughing Man Coffee gives 50% of its profits back to Laughing Man Worldwide, and benefits the community of farmers from whom the beans are sourced. Laughing Man Worldwide, according to its website, gives 100% of the profits it receives from companies worldwide to charity. There are also cute gifts and coffee beans available for purchase, so you can continue to brew good at home. True love and goodness in a cup? Drink up.

Originally posted in Afar BY CHARU SURI

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