Coffee Shops Around The World And Their Eye-Catching Interior Design Details

There’s something very special about a good cup of coffee, especially when you enjoy it in a public space and not at home. Coffee shops feature all sorts of interesting interior designs, often meant to make your experience special and unique. Some feature coffee-related accent details, other focus on architectural details. There’s no rule to follow here so let’s see what makes each of these places special.

Don Café House – Curbed Wood Walls.

The Don Cafe House in Pristina, Kosovo is a very beautiful space. Designed by Innarch, the interior features a unique visual concept. The curbed wood on the walls gives you the impression that you’re inside a huge coffee sack. The lighting fixtures are also very interesting, reminiscent of coffee beans.

Coffee Bar – Window Shutters and Old Doors.

This coffee bar features an interior design which blends rustic and industrial elements beautifully. The space was customized using wood shutters and old doors which were used to cover the walls, floors, ceilings and even the bar. This creates an unusual but intriguing environment.{found on site}.

Origo Coffee Shop – Painted Beams and Chalkboard.

The Origo Coffee Shop is located in Bucharest, Romania and it was a project by Lama Arhitectura. Completed in 2013, the renovation of this space revealed a series of features such as the old wooden beams which were painted and incorporated into the new design. Black chalkboard paint was used on the walls, giving the space an informal and edgy look.Another feature we notice are the hanging coffee cups.

Vue de Monde – LED Wall Art.

Located in Melbourne’s business center, the Vue de Monde cafe impresses is visitors with LED art displayed on the walls. The charcoal shades used throughout are complemented by statement furniture and lighting fixtures. The neon artwork was a project by artist Joseph Kosuth.

D’Espresso – Library Feel.

D’Espresso is a tiny coffee bar in New York and it has a very fun interior design by Manhattan-based Nemaworkshop. It’s a coffee shop that looks like a library. But the concept is a little different here. The ceiling and floors are lined with books. Of course, it’s just an image printed on custom tiles. Another interesting detail is that the pendant lights don’t hang from the ceiling but are sticking out from the walls.

Bon – Windows and Shutters.

The Bon Restaurant was created by architect Cristian Corvin in Bucharest, Romanian in an effort to save the history of the city. It has a rustic interior featuring 200 doors, windows and window shutters which were incorporated by the designer into the décor. They were recovered from demolished homes and building and used to cover the walls and ceiling of the restaurant.

Muelle Kay – Wood Crates.

The Muelle Kay restaurant can be found in Merida in southeastern Mexico and was built using materials commonly seen in local ports such as crates, wood planks, ropes and sailcloth. The result was a modern and casual design. The bar counter was designed using stacked crates which support the black granite counter. Crates were also used to divide the space at the bar of the bar.{found on site}.

Lounge Cafe – Recycle Books.

In the Lounge Cafe in Bundang, South Korea, you can combine two of your favorite pleasures: reading a book and having a cup of coffee. You can also enjoy a glass of wine and brunch if you wish. This place was designed by PANDA studio and all the books here are recycled and their covers were removed, giving them a mysterious aura.

Starbucks – Wooden Sticks.

In Dazaifu, Japan, there’s a starbucks coffee shop designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates which has a very interesting interior. Over 2000 woooden sticks line the walls and ceiling of the shop, making this place stand out. Diagonal weaving was used for this project to create fluidity throughout.

Fish Shack – Recycled Pallets.

The Fish Shack in a casual seafood restaurant (Granville, Vancouver) decorated with wood pallets and blackboard walls. The bar is decorated with rope, adding a nautical theme to the interior. The recycled pallets were used to cover the walls, giving this place a rustic-industrial look.

Meltino Bar & Lounge – Geometric Shapes.

The Meltino Bar & Lounge is located in Braga, Portugal. It was designed by LOFF and features a modern interior defined by geometric shapes. The design is coffee-inspired. The walls are perforated and the same thing can be said about the ceiling. There are two volumes which are identical. One is an area where gourmet coffee is served and the second one is where one can take express coffee.

Slowpoke Cafe – 2 metre-long wall covered in timber offcuts.

In the case of the Slowpoke Cafe in Melbourne, recycled timber was used to cover the walls. It was a project by French designer Sasufi. Moreover, the tabletops are made from recycled floorboards. The most impressive feature is the 12 meter long walls created from timber offcuts collected from local furniture makers and recycled.

Brother Baba Budan – Chairs on Ceiling.

Brother Baba Budan is a small cafe in Melbourne, Australia. It has a very unusual and intriguing interior design, features chairs on the ceiling. This uncommon feature was used to draw the eye up and to emphasize the height of the space. This way you’re focused on this feature and don’t notice how small this place really is.{images by Erika Hildegard}.

Starbucks Amsterdam – Ceiling made from 1,876 cut blocks.

The most interesting element in this Starbucks concept store in Amsterdam is definitely the ceiling. This place is called The Bank and it was built using local design touches and sustainable materials. The ceiling was made using 1,876 pieces of individually-cut blocks and is the star of the whole design.

Al Parlamento – Rope Ceiling.

Architect Silvia Simionato is the one responsible for this elegant restaurant interior. The Al Parlamento restaurant & cafe is situated in Venice, Italy and features an interior defined by simplicity and beautiful lighting. The black walls and the rope give this place a unique feel. Although simple, the design is also sophisticated.

Toykio Coffee –  Bold Colors And Black Subway Tiles.

In Dusseldorf there’s a place called Toykio Coffee & Gallery. It’s a charming cafe with black subway tiles lining the bar and the walls and bold accent colors throughout. The interior décor emphasizes strong contrasts. Bold accent walls complement the black ceiling and industrial-style lighting fixture give the space an eclectic look.{found onsite}.

Budapest Cafe – Brick and Stone.

This cafe can be found in Budapest and it was a project by Hungarian studio Spora Architects. The cafe is incorporated in a 200 year old former palace hence architectural details such as the vaulted ceilings and the combination of brick and stone. The architects uncovered the original vaulted brick ceilings and exposed the original brick and stone walls, giving this place an authentic look.

PizzaExpress – Pipes Lighting Fixtures.

The PizzaExpress restaurant can be found in Mumbai, India and it’s a relaxed space designed with reclaimed exposed brick, polished concrete and open ceilings. The pipe lighting fixtures are a very interesting feature. Another eye-catching detail comes in the form of subway tiles on the walls.

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